Let’s Talk About Those Poisons and Toxicity

Understanding the issue of toxicity is a problem with so many anti-GMO club members lately.  Studies that cherry pick information like the one that touted that “75% of air samples contained RoundUp and Atrazine” are great examples of why this group is so prone to fear mongering.

Note that the information promoted on the whackosphere sites failed to mention that the amounts detected were billions to millions below any significant level to have any effect, according to Kevin Folta’s review of the actual paper.  What this paper really shows is how sensitive the technology is to detect very minuscule levels to begin with.

So let’s talk a bit further about this “we’re being sprayed and poisoned” paranoia among the anti-GMO club.

An important thing to understand with toxicity of something is by understanding how toxicity is measured.

From the EPA website, the measure in which toxicity is stated is something called LD50.

Lethal Dosage (LD50) Values

An LD50 is a standard measurement of acute toxicity that is stated in milligrams (mg) of pesticide per kilogram (kg) of body weight. An LD50 represents the individual dose required to kill 50 percent of a population of test animals (e.g., rats, fish, mice, cockroaches). Because LD50 values are standard measurements, it is possible to compare relative toxicities among pesticides. The lower the LD50 dose, the more toxic the pesticide.

A pesticide with an LD50 value of 10 mg/kg is 10 times more toxic than a pesticide with an LD50 of 100 mg/kg.

The toxicity of a pesticide is related to the mode of entry of the chemical into an organism. Oral LD50 values are obtained when test subjects are fed pesticide-treated feed or water. Dermal LD50 values are obtained when the pesticide is applied to the skin of the animal. Inhalation LD50 values are obtained when the animal breathes the pesticide with a mask. Often the inhalation LD50 is lower (more toxic) than the oral LD50, which is in turn lower (more toxic) than the dermal LD50.

LD50 values are not always given on the pesticide label; rather, the relative toxicity of a pesticide product is reflected by one of three signal words: DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION. The purpose of signal words is to alert the user to the level of toxicity of the product. The signal word is generally assigned based on the pesticide’s inhalation, oral or dermal toxicity, whichever is the most toxic.

Let’s take a look at some common substances that we likely consume everyday and see what the LD50 measures are (note that these are oral dosages).

Table Salt 3000mg/kg

Aspirin 200mg/kg

Caffeine 192mg/kg

Capsaicin 47.2mg/kg (Found in hot sauce)

Then let’s take a look at RoundUp, the dreaded pesticide that anti-GMO club folks are harping about.

Glyphosate 4320mg/kg

As you can see, table salt is more toxic than glyphosate is.  Common substances that we actually eat or use as medicine are significantly more toxic than glyphosate actually is.

Then if you take a look at LD50 for atrazine, you’ll also find that it is much less toxic than the same substances we consume.

Atrazine for rats and mice 672mg/kg to 850 mg/kg

Another commonly used pesticide in organic farming is much more toxic than glyphosate is in terms of toxicity.

Rotenone for rats is 162 to1500mg/kg

That’s even more toxic than glyphosate is! Just because something is derived from natural sources doesn’t make it any safer.  A good example is snake venom.  All natural but deadly at minuscule amounts!

Let’s take a look at yet another chemical used in organic farming, copper sulfate.

Copper sulfate in rats is 30mg/kg

That is nearly 100x more toxic than glyphosate.  It has been documented that a dose of 11mg/kg in a human has lead to death!  This chemical also builds up in soil too.

As you can clearly see, just because organic farming sounds much more holistic and greener, it may not necessarily be less toxic in reality.

Just because you have been reading that all of these pesticides are poisonous and horrible from StopPoisoningParadise.com and during speeches from Hooser and Andrea Brower, you don’t have to be a scientist to do some research of what this all means.  Knowing how to search and verify what is being said can make a huge difference in understanding fact from fiction.

Get off of those whackosphere websites like Sustainable Pulse, GMO Free whatever wherever, Natural News, Green Med Info, Nature Cures, Holistic Health Woo, Altnet, and so on and you’ll see a different picture.

Those sites are meant for scaring you, and if you like being scared and uninformed, keep reading it.  Paranoia caused by the internet isn’t a happy place to be ever.  Jump off the paranoia bandwagon and research, research, research.


Single Study Syndrome and Other Maladies of the A’ole GMO Club

What’s the latest comments that have come to this blog?  This past week we had several comments received here.

Commenter One:

“Solid Science” Studies

One commenter stated that she uses “solid science” to support her beliefs in why GMOs are bad.  All of the ones provided ranged from the Bt in mother’s womb scare study which has been debunked to a bunch of other pesticide related ones.

All of the pesticide ones listed were single studies.  A single study cannot be considered solid science and in each of the conclusions of those papers states that “further research must be done.” She also included a study that appeared as such in her list:


Note that in the citation for this article that the name GE Seralini appears as well as Criigen, both well known anti-GMO touters.  To consider Seralini’s study as proof of anything isn’t going to convince me of these purported claims of danger.

Claims of Heath Issues from Living by GMO Fields
The state of Hawaii recently published some data on the health issues occurring on Kauai.
What did the report find?

1.  In general, cancer incidence on Kaua‘i was similar to or lower than that of the entire state of Hawai‘i.

2.  Overall cancer incidence rates (all cancers combined) were significantly lower on Kaua‘i compared to the entire state of Hawai‘i for both time periods (2000-2004 and 2005-2009).

3. Cancer incidence rates on Kaua‘i were lower for the following cancers during one or both time periods: breast cancer (2000-2004 and 2005-2009), endometrial cancer (2005-2009), Hodgkin lymphoma (2005-2009), liver cancer (2005-2009), ovarian cancer (2000-2004 and 2005-2009), prostate cancer (2000-2004), and thyroid cancer (2000-2004 and 2005-2009).

4. The incidence of melanoma on Kaua‘i was significantly elevated for the time period 2000-2004.

5. Within individual census tracts of Kaua‘i, cancer incidence was generally lower or comparable to that of the state.

6. The incidence of melanoma for census tract 401 was significantly elevated for the time period 2000-2004.

7. No other census tract showed elevated rates of cancer.

Living by GMO Fields Cause Birth Defects

She also made a claim that birth defects are higher because of living near seed farm fields.  In small populations as in a single city, the birth defects may appear higher but that may not reflect the entire picture of what is going on.  The same issue was studied in another farming town in California, where there were issues of cancer clusters that showed higher rates of disease.  However, when studied more closely there were no causal relationships to what was being seen.  The data on that will likely be released soon by the state.

Some of the defects that are being blamed include gastroschisispolydactly, and anencephaly.  It is unfortunate that babies are born with these issues, however these defects have not been attributed to anyone specific factor or pesticides as many anti-GMO people claim.  More research on these issues can be studied further as to understanding why it happens.

Commenter 2:

So much for the first commenters issues with her studies and claims.  Another commenter provided an invitation to be on the KKCR radio show.  This show is led by well-known anti-GMO folks like Jimmy Trujillo and Felicia Cowden and from what I’ve heard, allows pro-GMO voices.  However, their following is well trenched in the anti-GMO doctrine so, no, I will not allow myself to be skewered by such people.

I already have been skewered by the anti-GMO club.  From Helen Lovell tweeting that I’m a roach and Sara Jo Thompson giving me a nickname of Tokyo Rose, that shows me plenty right there that there will be no discussion.  It will come down to name calling and shill accusations.  It’s clear that this radio station rejects anyone who supports biotech as they didn’t invite a pro-biotech KIUC candidate to their show.

Commenter 3:

if your so proud of gmos you really shouldnt have to hide them with no label, let people choose or your one of those kind :(

Well, this commenter apparently does not know that this whole issue isn’t about being proud of what GMOs are and why people are fighting the misinformation campaign being pushed by the “right to know” crowd.  No one is hiding any GMOs, we are fighting against the misinformation that people are stating against things.

From what State Senate candidate Terez Amato said that she wants to educate me on those “thalidomide papayas,” to others stating that papayas are drenched with poisons, and so on.  You know that if it isn’t labeled organic, that you can bet it has some GMOs in it.  If you really want a label, please ask the organic industry executives to stop with the fear mongering or better yet, ask them to label their food as GMO free.  The GMO label isn’t coming as soon as you like so go back to your preferred folks for some peace of mind.

Latest Claims that will be Buzzing this Week in Anti-GMO Land

That’s today’s issues of things that the anti-GMO club says.  We can’t end here however because the latest buzz on “whackosphere” sites right now is that, “There is Roundup and Atrazine in 75% of Air Samples!” It’s all over the place according to sites from Natural News to Green Med Info and so on.  Don’t get your undies in a bunch just yet.  The stuff being touted is cherry picked information to scare your skivvies off.  Note that they haven’t tested for organic pesticides though.

And hey, if you don’t want pesticides in the air, now might be a really good time to really look at GMOs.  If we don’t want more pesticides being sprayed in the air, this might really be a better alternative.  Did you know that 99% of pesticides are naturally occurring to begin with?

When You Hold an A’ole Accountable

There is a sudden interest in this blog about what many A’oles have said and done. One admits to making a disparaging remark to a senator while another continues to use typical anti studies as evidence. Then there’s another one who feels his rights have been violated.

Whatever the case may be, they now feel that they are being attacked. Let’s see now about this accusations of attack. Who came out and protested against biotech and are using fear mongering to gain followers? It was the A’oles. Who keeps on harping on GMO “contamination” and that biotech sprays people with pesticides? Hmmm… A’oles were the ones.  Who attacked who here?

One of the A’oles wants me to support what I love and let things rest.  Hmm…  When laws that the A’oles want passed keep coming up into play, do you think that it is okay for one to sit back and do nothing to defend this technology?  Oh, no, that won’t be happening here.  You said something bad, it’s saved for all to see.  It’s also good to clarify what has been said against the farmers too and seek the truth.  Is that an attack?  Nope, I call it being on the defense.

Want me to stop posting things that you have said publicly about the farmers?  Here’s a clue.  Stop posting your fear mongering comments around and riling others up.  That’s a great start.  I’d love to stop seeing all the misinformation being spread about farmers.  Keep it up and you can bet you’ll see your name up on this blog.

If you don’t like being featured here on this blog, stop spreading your misinformation all over the place. If you’re getting defensive about not being local, act local and stop disparaging the farmers they way you are.  It’s pretty simple really.

Local people don’t stand on other people’s farms and point fingers telling a farmer how to farm.  The farmers won’t be letting this happen anymore.

Thank the Babes Against Biotech and Pay More for Food

Let’s face the facts.  When some group like the Babes Against Biotech is out there leading the charge to get genetically modified foods labeled, you’ve got to do a double take about women who are using sex to sell their cause.  The leader, Nomi Carmona, is excellent at the dramatics and reciting her reasons for leading the charge.  Of course, she has some acting skills and is good at memorizing her script too so it shouldn’t be surprising.  She can be pretty convincing to those who don’t know otherwise.

If you take a look closer at the Babes Against Biotech and other like groups tout, you get a good idea of where their information is coming from.  The frequently used links from Sustainable Pulse, Natural News, RawforBeauty, MyScienceAcademy, Center for Food Safety, Institute for Responsible Technology, UndergroundHealth, and such.  As an uneducated observer, one might not know that these sites are full of unvetted information and lots of pseudoscience.

babsptop no science babs Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 10.12.29 AM

It’s very clear that although they claim to be pro-science, what they promote is far from being scientific in every form and fashion.  Some of their followers will even admit that they don’t need science too.  Their comments clearly show that they don’t quite understand the science either.

jessmitchell3 craigdavies frankgarcia Hapuna death

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 12.04.50 AM

Screenshot 2014-02-04 13.27.17

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 8.48.09 AM

Screenshot 2014-02-04 19.57.39

celeste harvel

KB crop destructor

As you can see, so many people who have no attachment to farming have all decided to voice their opinion about the issue at hand.  They have been told that biotech is poison and so on by several of the leaders in the community.  The opinions of the public who are unaware of what it takes to farm somehow feel entitled to speak out over the farmers and the lawmakers are heeding that of an opinion.  That is purely irresponsible to rely on the public for information.

This same crowd who accuses others of poisoning and other heinous crimes are the same ones who are demanding that label.  To give into this kind of paranoia is absolutely abhorrent.  We live in a society that is dominated in technology and are used in our daily lives.  Why are we letting a bunch of non-farmers, washed up Hollywood actors, bikini clad protesters, and others to deny farmers the right to technology?  

Apparently, the Babes Against Biotech and their followers have no problem using fear and misinformation just to make you pay more for your food.  If that is fine with you, sit back, do nothing and let it all happen.  When your grocery bill hits you if they should succeed, thank a Babe Against Biotech protester for making Hawaii a much more livable place for all.

Disclosure is Mandatory for Some but Not Me

Any anonymous observer noted the following…
I guess Dylan thinks disclosure is only necessary sometimes.  This is from his Sunrise Shells of Kauai website:
“The exact dive locations vary during the year and are closely held secrets.”
“The shells are cleaned individually by hand in a tedious multi step process.
  1. They are first soaked in a “secret sauce” cleaning solution and rinsed thoroughly in clean water. “

Shouldn’t the public have the right to know where these creatures are being harvested from to know the environmental impact this is happening on our aina?  Why are some people allowed to have closely held secrets but others aren’t?  Isn’t disclosure a good thing for everyone to be transparent?!

Never Trust the Right to Know Mob

Once again, the Right to Know mob is at again with the fear mongering.  Now they have gotten their kids to be the puppets of these parents with this petition to label GMOs.  Hector Valenzuela is also joining in on this skull and crossbones campaign.


Just read on at some of the comments people left on the petition also.

  • Erika Preuss KAPAA, HI
  • Our young people know what is right, that we have the right to know what is in our food! We have worked for years to convince our youth to eath ‘healthy’ foods – and now that they are finally listening – the message we are sending them by not labeling GMO is a negative one. How can we teach our children to read labels, and know what’s in their food, avoid junk food etc.. and then turn around and tell them they don’t have the right to KNOW what is in their food? My kids tell me that it makes no sense, and I agree! We have a right to know ALL ingredients in our food. If it is unique and different enough to be PATENTED, then it is not a typical normal food. Remember, the biotech industry keeps telling us that GMO’s are the ‘same’ as regular food – while in the same breath they tell us they are different, unique and patented (and they defend those patents by vigorously suing farmers) – So which is it? Either they are not different and normal, or they are unique and different, and PATENTED. The industry cannot have it both ways – and we deserve the RIGHT TO KNOW all of the ingredients, ALL of the ingredients in our food. Especially the patented ones.

  • Dana Keawe PAHOA, HI
  • We have the right to know what is in our food. Please label our food.

  • There are a growing number of consumers who are concerned about GMOs and have consciously boycotted products that are not labeled NON GMO or Organic. This puts every company who use crops that are Genetically Modified at risk of market failure. Everyone is paying the price for a few. Consumers look for product information on the label to make educated choices, especially when choosing food.

    Consumers who have food allergies rely heavily on proper labeling and AVOID products that are not clearly labeled.

    Gluten Free labeling is a recent example of a labeling law that doesn’t go far enough to help consumers, as it only refers to gluten found in wheat, and does not take into consideration gluten from barley, rye, or oats. While users appreciate the label, they often find themselves at risk because the product does in fact contain gluten.

    Clear laws that include EVERY form of GM/GE products should be properly labeled on ALL food, even that which is consumed by animals.

  • larry schneider KILAUEA, HI
  • why do i need to bill to obtain information and/or knowledge? do we live in nazi germany, or mccarthy era USA?

  • Ann Evans MAKAWAO, HI
  • The YOUTH are smart enough to realize their future!

  • Jen Richmond HILO, HI
  • Our keiki are being used as test subjects w/o their (and our) consent. We all have a right to decide what we will eat, and whose products we will buy. We also have the right to VOTE, and I, for one, will exercise that right to elect officials who listen to their constituents, not mega-corporations.

  • I like that the youth of tomorrow are getting informed and taking charge of their health and the environment they will live with and for future generations. GOOD LUCK and may GOD Bless !


Note that Larry Schneider also made this same comment too about GE food, with Gary Hooser’s endorsement also.  They openly admit to scaring people!


What’s the biggest joke is that they claim that they want the right to know and that a label from the government is going suddenly make them trust it again.  They never trusted the state or Governor Abercrombie’s efforts to work with the seed companies with the right to know issue, so they went ahead and passed their own faulty laws.  Is a label on GE foods really going to suddenly make these right to knowers trusting of government again?  Yeah right.  It isn’t going to fix anyone.  They should ask their own industry to label food as GMO Free since they trust organic so much more than anyone else.

You Know You’re Local If…

Interesting that the BAB ringleader, Nomi “California” Carmona, apparently has left Waikiki and Kauai and headed over to the “east” side.

Screenshot 2014-02-08 19.58.19


Note that she has to burn a lot more GMO derived ethanol to get over the mountain also.  She’s busy protesting and accused them of poisoning the ‘aina while filling up her gas tank with the product they produced.




Screenshot 2014-02-08 19.37.47


“East” side?  No one who grew up here ever has called Kaneohe the east side.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that she’s not from here.  The local people know it as the Windward side.  Just like we know the mall as Windward Mall.  It’s no wonder that she has the gall to do the things she does because she ain’t one local.