Protect the Aina and the Virus of Misinformation

Something has gone awry with the environmental greenies here in Hawaii.  These people cling to the the battle cry of, “Protect the Aina!”  All the meanwhile of stating this, they constantly barrage the media full of misinformation from the top down.  Today’s feature is Margaret Wille and her adventures in stuff your shoe in your mouth!

Just from today’s Star Advertiser front page article, “Growing Concerns,” there was the typical A’ole comments on there from Big Island County Council Woman Margaret Wille.  Some of her quotes in the article clearly shows that she believes in a boogey man and that organic food may not protect your brain from dementia.

They have to know but do know!

Kohala Councilwoman Margaret Wille, who introduced Bill 113, said that if the restraining order is upheld, it will frustrate the purpose of the ordinance. She said it’s important to know where the genetically modified crops are so that officials can monitor where potential problems might occur.

Note that Wille makes this statement that officials have to know where these papaya crops are but then later states this.

“The truth is everyone knows where the GMO papaya is,” she said.

Yardeners are Farmers too!  NOT!

And, for example,if a farmer wants to grow organic papayas, he or she isn’t going to want to plant next to a field of GMO papayas, for fear of cross-pollination and contamination of the organic crop, she said.

Yardeners who have 25 trees of GMO free papayas have rights too even though most real farmers know that these will be decimated by the PRSV virus.  Real farmers know that papayas are self pollinating and know how to take care of this.

Farmers Talked to the County…  They were IGNORED!

Wille said she is especially disappointed with the legal action because a provision was included in the law allowing county officials to keep sensitive information confidential. She said that instead of waiting to file suit until the 90-day registration period ended, papaya farmers should have talked with county officials to explain what information they wanted withheld.

Papaya farmers were there in force talking to the Mayor, the council members, at all the hearings explaining what the issues were with the laws.  They told Wille and others what they wanted and lo and behold, they were IGNORED!

Margaret Wille the Conspiracy Theorist!

“The way they did it, they just seem more like pawns of Monsanto,” she said, referring to the multinational corporation known for genetically engineered products.

When all else fails for Wille to defend her position, what’s the next best step? Throw in the Monsanto is evil card!  But hey, even if papaya farmers are all small local folks for the most part, turn people against them but putting that kind of statement out there.  Local farmers, you’re now a multinational corporation according to Marge Wille.  That makes for a great anti-GMO movie plot!

Ecoterrorist in Pahoa is Ready for Action!

Wille said the registry isn’t going to make papaya farmers any more vulnerable.

Yes, Marge, continuing to spread hate and misinformation against farmers isn’t going to make them any more vulnerable then they already are.  You are a true blue problem solver helping your constituents indeed.

Chopping down 100 trees or even 8500 isn’t ecoterrorism!  It’s justified according to commenter, NiteMarcher, who also has a demon to fight with corporate ag giants like Big Island papaya farmers!

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