Akamai A’ole GMO Club

The A’ole GMO crowd will always profess that they are special.  They are not a part of the sheeple and have done thorough research about GMOs to know that they are experts in the issue.  They have sorted through thousands of links from Natural News and GreenMed Info as well as watched countless hours on Seeds of Death and Genetic Roulette.  Vandana Shiva is a goddess that they worship and Walter Ritte and Jessica Wooley are the disciples of the whole congregation.

Yes, it’s a religion already.  It’s ideology about a big evil that they must fight in their own minds.  They are being sprayed with pesticides and apparently feel that they must be weeds or bugs.  They will no longer stand down and will protest about their right to know even though they do know and consume GMOs.  After a meal of GMOs they wake up every morning and can’t believe that they survived it.  It happens year after year and by the grace of Vandana, they are alive!

These people are so smart that they will bravely go on the social media and let everyone know their expertise on the subject.  Just read some of the outtakes from today’s Star Advertiser GMO article.


Yes, Leinanij, the false knowledge is worse than ignorance itself.  You apparently stated that here.

Nitemarcher whacko

NiteMarcher, who is alive today and well fed and nourished by the advances of wacko and mad scientists, should have not been allowed access to such advanced from evil people.  Chemicals that make up NiteMarcher are not natural in any place or form even if we share many of the same ones.  He just might want to go back and take that science class again to learn about chemicals.


Leino is clearly and expert on pesticides as she knows that 2-4-D is bad even though it is sold in the hardware stores in weed and feed formulations.  Forget that it really is 2,4-D that these A’ole fear for it is part of the Agent Orange.  They still don’t realize that it wasn’t this issue that made it toxic but the dioxin.  That’s because GMO Free USA and the BABs don’t educate people about those “facts” and prefer fear!

Maneki neko

Papaya farmers have nothing to do with any of the agribusiness companies that Maneki_Neko listed but so what.  They are evil.  The Babes Against Biotech is going to plan quarterly protests as a result.  They are tired of the March Against Monsanto so the next one will be the Suckers Against Syngenta, Dodos Fighting DuPont Pioneer, and A’oles Against Agrigenetics!  Bring it on!  Fight the evil!

Screenshot 2014-03-12 21.35.51

Trust is damaged by whom?  A’oles trust Gary Hooser and his 18 tons fact and never figured out the significance of something called active ingredients.  They also have no clue that table salt is way more toxic that RoundUp but it doesn’t matter.  They know their facts from Seeds of Death and a computer scientist, Stephanie Seneff.  They also worship tumor filled rats yield tumor filled rats and suffer from single study syndrome.

Thank goodness some of them do consider the evidence presented and use some science to base their decisions upon.  It’s sad though when choose to believe GreenMedInfo over real data and evidence when it comes to GMOs.

Screenshot 2014-03-12 22.53.30

And they will never figure out who really is the source of these lies…

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A Hawaii farmer's daughter born and raised here. Grew up on a farm, witness to the wonders of science and research, and sharing a bit about farm life and speaking up for agriculture in our islands.

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