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Russia Bans GMO Imports and the Babes Against Biotech Celebrate


Here is just more proof that the intent of the A’ole GMO club is to keep people in the dark.

Just posted recently on the Babes Against Biotech page was this meme…

Screenshot 2014-04-06 20.19.55

They somehow also think that by banning GMO imports that everyone is eating organic food.  Little do they know that countries that tend to ban GMO imports are the very ones have plenty of their own GMO research going on at the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science.  Russia is also growing their own experimental GMO crops.

So the BABs have their 5,584 followers, who shared this, excited about Russia being so much better than the US because of this ban of imports.  Russia is a much more superior country than the US because their bans signify a better country.  That must include their ban of homosexuality and marijuana makes it the best country to live in and tops for human rights.  Not.  Pack up your bags and head to Russia!