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Akamai A’ole GMO Club

The A’ole GMO crowd will always profess that they are special.  They are not a part of the sheeple and have done thorough research about GMOs to know that they are experts in the issue.  They have sorted through thousands of links from Natural News and GreenMed Info as well as watched countless hours on Seeds of Death and Genetic Roulette.  Vandana Shiva is a goddess that they worship and Walter Ritte and Jessica Wooley are the disciples of the whole congregation.

Yes, it’s a religion already.  It’s ideology about a big evil that they must fight in their own minds.  They are being sprayed with pesticides and apparently feel that they must be weeds or bugs.  They will no longer stand down and will protest about their right to know even though they do know and consume GMOs.  After a meal of GMOs they wake up every morning and can’t believe that they survived it.  It happens year after year and by the grace of Vandana, they are alive!

These people are so smart that they will bravely go on the social media and let everyone know their expertise on the subject.  Just read some of the outtakes from today’s Star Advertiser GMO article.


Yes, Leinanij, the false knowledge is worse than ignorance itself.  You apparently stated that here.

Nitemarcher whacko

NiteMarcher, who is alive today and well fed and nourished by the advances of wacko and mad scientists, should have not been allowed access to such advanced from evil people.  Chemicals that make up NiteMarcher are not natural in any place or form even if we share many of the same ones.  He just might want to go back and take that science class again to learn about chemicals.


Leino is clearly and expert on pesticides as she knows that 2-4-D is bad even though it is sold in the hardware stores in weed and feed formulations.  Forget that it really is 2,4-D that these A’ole fear for it is part of the Agent Orange.  They still don’t realize that it wasn’t this issue that made it toxic but the dioxin.  That’s because GMO Free USA and the BABs don’t educate people about those “facts” and prefer fear!

Maneki neko

Papaya farmers have nothing to do with any of the agribusiness companies that Maneki_Neko listed but so what.  They are evil.  The Babes Against Biotech is going to plan quarterly protests as a result.  They are tired of the March Against Monsanto so the next one will be the Suckers Against Syngenta, Dodos Fighting DuPont Pioneer, and A’oles Against Agrigenetics!  Bring it on!  Fight the evil!

Screenshot 2014-03-12 21.35.51

Trust is damaged by whom?  A’oles trust Gary Hooser and his 18 tons fact and never figured out the significance of something called active ingredients.  They also have no clue that table salt is way more toxic that RoundUp but it doesn’t matter.  They know their facts from Seeds of Death and a computer scientist, Stephanie Seneff.  They also worship tumor filled rats yield tumor filled rats and suffer from single study syndrome.

Thank goodness some of them do consider the evidence presented and use some science to base their decisions upon.  It’s sad though when choose to believe GreenMedInfo over real data and evidence when it comes to GMOs.

Screenshot 2014-03-12 22.53.30

And they will never figure out who really is the source of these lies…


The A’oles Admit It: There is No Aloha!

Funny how some A’oles have denied that it is only a small minority of activists who have no aloha. They will claim that the ones who have made threats of crop destruction and death threats just don’t reflect the overall goal, the right to know.

Well today Keliihananui Crabbe has finally come clean with their true goals today. He admits that yes, there is no aloha. And it’s a good thing he has no financial ties because anyone and everyone who does can’t be trusted. I wonder what that says about Senator Ruderman and Representative Wooley.

When You Hold an A’ole Accountable

There is a sudden interest in this blog about what many A’oles have said and done. One admits to making a disparaging remark to a senator while another continues to use typical anti studies as evidence. Then there’s another one who feels his rights have been violated.

Whatever the case may be, they now feel that they are being attacked. Let’s see now about this accusations of attack. Who came out and protested against biotech and are using fear mongering to gain followers? It was the A’oles. Who keeps on harping on GMO “contamination” and that biotech sprays people with pesticides? Hmmm… A’oles were the ones.  Who attacked who here?

One of the A’oles wants me to support what I love and let things rest.  Hmm…  When laws that the A’oles want passed keep coming up into play, do you think that it is okay for one to sit back and do nothing to defend this technology?  Oh, no, that won’t be happening here.  You said something bad, it’s saved for all to see.  It’s also good to clarify what has been said against the farmers too and seek the truth.  Is that an attack?  Nope, I call it being on the defense.

Want me to stop posting things that you have said publicly about the farmers?  Here’s a clue.  Stop posting your fear mongering comments around and riling others up.  That’s a great start.  I’d love to stop seeing all the misinformation being spread about farmers.  Keep it up and you can bet you’ll see your name up on this blog.

If you don’t like being featured here on this blog, stop spreading your misinformation all over the place. If you’re getting defensive about not being local, act local and stop disparaging the farmers they way you are.  It’s pretty simple really.

Local people don’t stand on other people’s farms and point fingers telling a farmer how to farm.  The farmers won’t be letting this happen anymore.

The Right to Farm Bill and The HATE COMES Out!

Well, the farmers just got some news that was good today.  Finally.  Interesting enough, there were some 36 legislators introducing the Hawaii Right to Farm Act.  This spells out bad news for the counties, who have gone rogue in creating their own laws.

Interesting enough was that the Chair of the Agriculture committee isn’t even on board with this law.  Does that mean Representative Wooley doesn’t support farmers?  Yup, that’s what it means.  She prefers to support her activists that do this kind of stuff.

If you wear red shirts and yell loudly, this is the pono way of doing things, “especially if you are not of the “Rubbah Slippah” folks.

How to get your laws passed in Hawaii. Yell!

Now that the A’oles know that there is a bill on the table, take a look at the comments coming out once again.  Here’s some of the commentary that was posted on the Big Island News Video post today.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 19.04.12 Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.26.39 Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.26.51 Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.45.02

Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.50.42

And it never fails that there is at least one agroterrorism comment.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 19.10.47

We shouldn’t be surprised to see where these A’oles come from to know why these comments are so ugly.  They ain’t no local folk that’s for sure!

Screenshot 2014-01-23 19.01.18

julie allen paul

Screenshot 2014-01-23 22.03.46

And our “crop stomper” is a believer in conspiracy theories…  Chemtrails.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.55.11

When you’re not from Hawaii, it’s pretty apparent that activism has to be full of hate, cursing, and threats.  More reason why legislators should not listen to these people’s demands.

Russell Ruderman Sorts GMO Facts from Fiction???

It’s really interesting that Senator Russell Ruderman who has a degree in biology and owns 4 natural food stores on the Big Island is now going to do a column about the facts and fiction of GMOs.  Somehow, an organic shill plans on writing facts about something he has openly criticized?

Screenshot 2014-01-11 00.14.04

Of course his post lacks a shred of evidence or citation to back up his claims of facts.  That is something very common on bogus articles, which leads us to the conclusion that he needs to rename his column as “GMO Fictions and Fears.”  Fears are a great way to make a profit in those stores everyday!

Don’t Post that A’ole GMO: How to Save Face

The internet is full of sites that will help to confirm your own biases many times and trying to figure out what is vetted and what isn’t is really tricky for the majority of folks.  That is regardless of anyone’s educational level, especially when it comes down agricultural and food issues.

If you are ever commenting on an article on FB or other social media sites, there are a few cardinal sins of posting links as your evidence.

Cardinal sin number 1: Monsanto

If you ever mention the name in any of your postings, you have automatically shown that you have not done your due diligence in research.  You have completely shown where your state of mind is at and this would be a good time to see why.  (Be sure to read the links below the posts in RationalWiki and Wikipedia as they are the sources of the statement.)  Post anything and put that name there and you have disqualified any and most of your arguments.  Someone will be shaking their head reading your comment.

Cardinal sin number 2: Bad links as your evidence

If you don’t want to be mocked, avoid the following sites:

The Organic Consumers’ Association

Natural News

Sustainable Pulse

Green Med Info

The Union of Concerned Scientists

Dr. Mercola 

Institute for Responsible Technology

Center for Food Safety

GM Watch

If you ever try to use these links as your reasons against GMOs, you will be not take seriously.  In fact, that person reading your comments with these links will actually start to get snarky with you for doing so because these are not legitimate sites with actual links to the studies that they use as evidence.  If you ever find something on these sites, type in their name and follow it with “debunk” and you will find a completely different side of information.  These sites are known offenders of half okole information where they take only part of the actual study and publish what they want for it and never providing the source.  That’s the cardinal sin of the A’oles on the social media when it comes down to a debate with a pro-GMO person.

Cardinal Sin number 3: Movies

Another sin of the A’ole GMO club is using movies as your proof of dangers.  There are two movies that they love to use as proof which is far from the truth.  Don’t want to be mocked?  Here’s a helpful list to go by:

Seeds of Death

Genetic Roulette


Movies are never substitutes for real evidence.  If you just watch any of these movies and feel scared, then it has done its job to work on your emotions.  That’s the motive of a movie is to get you to feel something and in this case, fear it.  So many have been left scared after watching this because majority of the general public have no clue as to what basic genetics really is and these movies prey on that unknown.  The more you know (not conspiracies) the less fearful you can be.

Cardinal Sin number 4: Facebook Memes

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 6.02.02 PM

Meme from GMO Inside regarding the debunked Seralini study.

If you get tidbits of “facts” from a meme and repost what it says, prepare to be barraged by criticism.  These nice graphics and short statements provide no data or sources of where they are getting their statement from.  Anyone with a bit of photoshopping experience can get a stock photo and put some words on it and voila, you got something to spread around to supposedly educate.  These will leave you stuck when you are asked for evidence because you won’t know how to get that evidence.  Pictures may tell a thousand words but they can’t give you your evidence.  Avoid the memes as your sources of information at all costs.  Someone will be pounding their head reading your statements.

The Worse Cardinal Sin of All: Babes Against Biotech & Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition

If you got your information from these folks, that says it all already.  You’re done and there’s no hope for you if you are following them.  And if you can’t figure out why this is a sin, go back up to the top and start reading what was posted earlier.

“We Love Science!”

It’s interesting how there is a sudden movement by the A’oles to claim that they are scientists and profess out loud their unknown BSc degrees on television.  I used to think that A’oles were anti-science but the reality is that they have little to no science and no knowledge of researching what they read and watch.  A healthy dose of skepticism would be good but they have a hard time knowing how to be skeptical and lean more towards conspiracy, which is much more seductive.  Yes, they can sure Google for “researching” but can’t go beyond that.  They have been fear mongered beyond belief that they have gone from being in a fearful state to one of being angry and irrational.  It is pretty obvious what state of minds these folks are at when commentaries like this one popping up on the social media.