And the Ugliness Continues…

The A’oles are mad.  Yes, they got smashed in the elections and the judge invalidated Ordinance 960.  What’s their next plan of action?  Oh, they are going to talks bad about Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho.  The level of nastiness is no different than before and they have no qualms about making these horrible statements asContinue reading “And the Ugliness Continues…”

Russia Bans GMO Imports and the Babes Against Biotech Celebrate

Here is just more proof that the intent of the A’ole GMO club is to keep people in the dark. Just posted recently on the Babes Against Biotech page was this meme… They somehow also think that by banning GMO imports that everyone is eating organic food.  Little do they know that countries that tendContinue reading “Russia Bans GMO Imports and the Babes Against Biotech Celebrate”

Protect the Aina and the Virus of Misinformation

Something has gone awry with the environmental greenies here in Hawaii.  These people cling to the the battle cry of, “Protect the Aina!”  All the meanwhile of stating this, they constantly barrage the media full of misinformation from the top down.  Today’s feature is Margaret Wille and her adventures in stuff your shoe in yourContinue reading “Protect the Aina and the Virus of Misinformation”

The A’oles Admit It: There is No Aloha!

Funny how some A’oles have denied that it is only a small minority of activists who have no aloha. They will claim that the ones who have made threats of crop destruction and death threats just don’t reflect the overall goal, the right to know. Well today Keliihananui Crabbe has finally come clean with theirContinue reading “The A’oles Admit It: There is No Aloha!”

Let’s Talk About Those Poisons and Toxicity

Understanding the issue of toxicity is a problem with so many anti-GMO club members lately.  Studies that cherry pick information like the one that touted that “75% of air samples contained RoundUp and Atrazine” are great examples of why this group is so prone to fear mongering. Note that the information promoted on the whackosphereContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Those Poisons and Toxicity”

Thank the Babes Against Biotech and Pay More for Food

Let’s face the facts.  When some group like the Babes Against Biotech is out there leading the charge to get genetically modified foods labeled, you’ve got to do a double take about women who are using sex to sell their cause.  The leader, Nomi Carmona, is excellent at the dramatics and reciting her reasons forContinue reading “Thank the Babes Against Biotech and Pay More for Food”

Disclosure is Mandatory for Some but Not Me

Any anonymous observer noted the following… I guess Dylan thinks disclosure is only necessary sometimes.  This is from his Sunrise Shells of Kauai website: “The exact dive locations vary during the year and are closely held secrets.” “The shells are cleaned individually by hand in a tedious multi step process. They are first soaked in a “secret sauce” cleaningContinue reading “Disclosure is Mandatory for Some but Not Me”

Never Trust the Right to Know Mob

Once again, the Right to Know mob is at again with the fear mongering.  Now they have gotten their kids to be the puppets of these parents with this petition to label GMOs.  Hector Valenzuela is also joining in on this skull and crossbones campaign. Just read on at some of the comments people leftContinue reading “Never Trust the Right to Know Mob”

You Know You’re Local If…

Interesting that the BAB ringleader, Nomi “California” Carmona, apparently has left Waikiki and Kauai and headed over to the “east” side.   Note that she has to burn a lot more GMO derived ethanol to get over the mountain also.  She’s busy protesting and accused them of poisoning the ‘aina while filling up her gasContinue reading “You Know You’re Local If…”

The No Aloha of the Babes Against Biotech Saga Continues

For the most part, local people were taught to be respectful.  That’s plantation culture when many people are brought together that have many differences.  You learn to respect the differences and treat each other in a dignified manner.  The Babes Against Biotech love to claim that they have aloha for other but this might proveContinue reading “The No Aloha of the Babes Against Biotech Saga Continues”