Russell Ruderman Defends the Haters of Technology

Once again, the anti-GMO club is up in arms with the latest Star Advertiser article that was headline news regarding the lawsuit by papaya farmers.  One of which is a State Senator, Russell Ruderman, who wrote a letter to the editor in today’s paper(subscription needed). Here’s a statement that he made in his letter toContinue reading “Russell Ruderman Defends the Haters of Technology”

Akamai A’ole GMO Club

The A’ole GMO crowd will always profess that they are special.  They are not a part of the sheeple and have done thorough research about GMOs to know that they are experts in the issue.  They have sorted through thousands of links from Natural News and GreenMed Info as well as watched countless hours onContinue reading “Akamai A’ole GMO Club”

Protect the Aina and the Virus of Misinformation

Something has gone awry with the environmental greenies here in Hawaii.  These people cling to the the battle cry of, “Protect the Aina!”  All the meanwhile of stating this, they constantly barrage the media full of misinformation from the top down.  Today’s feature is Margaret Wille and her adventures in stuff your shoe in yourContinue reading “Protect the Aina and the Virus of Misinformation”

The SHAKA Movement: More Mainland Money to Maui

Let’s face it that the mainland activism groups have decided to take root here in our islands.  We already know from an investigative report late last year that the majority of the funding is indeed from mainland sources. Many mainland donors are getting tax deductions giving monies to fund supposedly non-profit groups like Hawaii SEEDContinue reading “The SHAKA Movement: More Mainland Money to Maui”

The A’oles Admit It: There is No Aloha!

Funny how some A’oles have denied that it is only a small minority of activists who have no aloha. They will claim that the ones who have made threats of crop destruction and death threats just don’t reflect the overall goal, the right to know. Well today Keliihananui Crabbe has finally come clean with theirContinue reading “The A’oles Admit It: There is No Aloha!”

Let’s Talk About Those Poisons and Toxicity

Understanding the issue of toxicity is a problem with so many anti-GMO club members lately.  Studies that cherry pick information like the one that touted that “75% of air samples contained RoundUp and Atrazine” are great examples of why this group is so prone to fear mongering. Note that the information promoted on the whackosphereContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Those Poisons and Toxicity”

Single Study Syndrome and Other Maladies of the A’ole GMO Club

What’s the latest comments that have come to this blog?  This past week we had several comments received here. Commenter One: “Solid Science” Studies One commenter stated that she uses “solid science” to support her beliefs in why GMOs are bad.  All of the ones provided ranged from the Bt in mother’s womb scare studyContinue reading “Single Study Syndrome and Other Maladies of the A’ole GMO Club”

When You Hold an A’ole Accountable

There is a sudden interest in this blog about what many A’oles have said and done. One admits to making a disparaging remark to a senator while another continues to use typical anti studies as evidence. Then there’s another one who feels his rights have been violated. Whatever the case may be, they now feelContinue reading “When You Hold an A’ole Accountable”