Single Study Syndrome and Other Maladies of the A’ole GMO Club

What’s the latest comments that have come to this blog?  This past week we had several comments received here.

Commenter One:

“Solid Science” Studies

One commenter stated that she uses “solid science” to support her beliefs in why GMOs are bad.  All of the ones provided ranged from the Bt in mother’s womb scare study which has been debunked to a bunch of other pesticide related ones.

All of the pesticide ones listed were single studies.  A single study cannot be considered solid science and in each of the conclusions of those papers states that “further research must be done.” She also included a study that appeared as such in her list:


Note that in the citation for this article that the name GE Seralini appears as well as Criigen, both well known anti-GMO touters.  To consider Seralini’s study as proof of anything isn’t going to convince me of these purported claims of danger.

Claims of Heath Issues from Living by GMO Fields
The state of Hawaii recently published some data on the health issues occurring on Kauai.
What did the report find?

1.  In general, cancer incidence on Kaua‘i was similar to or lower than that of the entire state of Hawai‘i.

2.  Overall cancer incidence rates (all cancers combined) were significantly lower on Kaua‘i compared to the entire state of Hawai‘i for both time periods (2000-2004 and 2005-2009).

3. Cancer incidence rates on Kaua‘i were lower for the following cancers during one or both time periods: breast cancer (2000-2004 and 2005-2009), endometrial cancer (2005-2009), Hodgkin lymphoma (2005-2009), liver cancer (2005-2009), ovarian cancer (2000-2004 and 2005-2009), prostate cancer (2000-2004), and thyroid cancer (2000-2004 and 2005-2009).

4. The incidence of melanoma on Kaua‘i was significantly elevated for the time period 2000-2004.

5. Within individual census tracts of Kaua‘i, cancer incidence was generally lower or comparable to that of the state.

6. The incidence of melanoma for census tract 401 was significantly elevated for the time period 2000-2004.

7. No other census tract showed elevated rates of cancer.

Living by GMO Fields Cause Birth Defects

She also made a claim that birth defects are higher because of living near seed farm fields.  In small populations as in a single city, the birth defects may appear higher but that may not reflect the entire picture of what is going on.  The same issue was studied in another farming town in California, where there were issues of cancer clusters that showed higher rates of disease.  However, when studied more closely there were no causal relationships to what was being seen.  The data on that will likely be released soon by the state.

Some of the defects that are being blamed include gastroschisispolydactly, and anencephaly.  It is unfortunate that babies are born with these issues, however these defects have not been attributed to anyone specific factor or pesticides as many anti-GMO people claim.  More research on these issues can be studied further as to understanding why it happens.

Commenter 2:

So much for the first commenters issues with her studies and claims.  Another commenter provided an invitation to be on the KKCR radio show.  This show is led by well-known anti-GMO folks like Jimmy Trujillo and Felicia Cowden and from what I’ve heard, allows pro-GMO voices.  However, their following is well trenched in the anti-GMO doctrine so, no, I will not allow myself to be skewered by such people.

I already have been skewered by the anti-GMO club.  From Helen Lovell tweeting that I’m a roach and Sara Jo Thompson giving me a nickname of Tokyo Rose, that shows me plenty right there that there will be no discussion.  It will come down to name calling and shill accusations.  It’s clear that this radio station rejects anyone who supports biotech as they didn’t invite a pro-biotech KIUC candidate to their show.

Commenter 3:

if your so proud of gmos you really shouldnt have to hide them with no label, let people choose or your one of those kind :(

Well, this commenter apparently does not know that this whole issue isn’t about being proud of what GMOs are and why people are fighting the misinformation campaign being pushed by the “right to know” crowd.  No one is hiding any GMOs, we are fighting against the misinformation that people are stating against things.

From what State Senate candidate Terez Amato said that she wants to educate me on those “thalidomide papayas,” to others stating that papayas are drenched with poisons, and so on.  You know that if it isn’t labeled organic, that you can bet it has some GMOs in it.  If you really want a label, please ask the organic industry executives to stop with the fear mongering or better yet, ask them to label their food as GMO free.  The GMO label isn’t coming as soon as you like so go back to your preferred folks for some peace of mind.

Latest Claims that will be Buzzing this Week in Anti-GMO Land

That’s today’s issues of things that the anti-GMO club says.  We can’t end here however because the latest buzz on “whackosphere” sites right now is that, “There is Roundup and Atrazine in 75% of Air Samples!” It’s all over the place according to sites from Natural News to Green Med Info and so on.  Don’t get your undies in a bunch just yet.  The stuff being touted is cherry picked information to scare your skivvies off.  Note that they haven’t tested for organic pesticides though.

And hey, if you don’t want pesticides in the air, now might be a really good time to really look at GMOs.  If we don’t want more pesticides being sprayed in the air, this might really be a better alternative.  Did you know that 99% of pesticides are naturally occurring to begin with?

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