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A Hawaii farmer's daughter born and raised here. Grew up on a farm, witness to the wonders of science and research, and sharing a bit about farm life and speaking up for agriculture in our islands.

Moms Making Moms Scared With Misinformation

It is really sad when a group of mom’s decide to “educate” people about GMOs.  Two lead mothers in the picture is Mae Fuimaono, a nurse, and Trisha “Mama T” Alari-Gonsalves, a chef associated with Down to Earth. None of these two women have any nutritional background but seem to feel that they can apparently teach others about nutrition about GMOs.


Do you actually think that this is a good lecture with vetted information from a chef and a nurse?  You get what pay for with this one.  Free information to make moms scared about their food with the same old scare studies that have been debunked.  Really, is that the responsible thing to do to other parents?  Apparently, if you’re an A’ole, it is.  Sad.

If you look more at who these people are, once again you’ll find that they are not local people.

Meet Mae Fuimaono, from Kansas City, Missouri

Screenshot 2014-01-30 20.00.40

And Trisha Alari-Gonsalves from La Jolla, California

Screenshot 2014-01-30 20.03.59

Then let’s not forget the ringleader of these moms, Mitsuko Hayakawa of Los Angeles, California

Screenshot 2014-01-30 20.47.00

These A’ole moms think that it is just fine and dandy to scare and misinform young mothers with their so called “expertise,” of which none of them appear to have to begin with.  Remember the Andrew Wakefield scare of vaccinations that created more harm based in fraud and pseudoscience claims? Forget data, evidence, and studies and listen to the A’ole sites that don’t tout any of that.  The goal is to scare, scare, scare.  Where’s any education there?  None exists.

While they are busy at scaring people, another mother states otherwise and has some evidence to back up what she states.

Screenshot 2014-01-30 20.56.54

Think about it…  If organic food is so superior, why do they need to resort to this?  Because it is just a label to help sell their product and doesn’t necessarily confer any added benefits.

Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 7.16.37 AM

You can choose to be swayed by powerful emotions based in fear to guide your decisions for your family or go with evidence based knowledge.  The choice is there already and you don’t need a label to tell you that.


Elle Cochran the Gary Hooser of Maui

Once again, a rogue county council member is starting up a witch hunt on another outer island: Maui.  Meet Elle Cochran, who has decided to carry on Gary Hooser’s misinformation of the mob campaign there.

If you take a look at the commenters on there, it is no surprise on what you will find.  Just take a look at the names and where they are from.

Sierra Knight of Los Angeles, California

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.27.59

Lucy Franco Dreibelbis of Santa Monica, California

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.32.38

Linda Puppolo of Attleboro, Massachusetts

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.41.11

Roxana Smith of San Ynez, California

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.43.20

Some are local people, or so they claim to be.  None appear to be farmers either.

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.45.37

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.47.19

The sad thing is that with legislation proposed with no evidence or impact study as to why it’s needed, the farmers get targeted with the nastiness of these activists once again and the misinformation campaigns go full swing.

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.20.37

Courtney Bruch is a well known anti-GMO activist there on Maui, who will do anything to turn other farmers against farmers.  When you’re a part of a group called GMO Free, there’s no such thing as education.  Such a meeting would be futile and a waste of time but note how she slants her comments and already has an agenda set.  A meeting would make NO difference with people like her.

Screenshot 2014-01-26 22.38.34 Screenshot 2014-01-26 22.39.03

Then there is a local guy on there posting this kind of stuff on the Maui Farm Bureau’s Facebook page.  Of course they have have been so propagandized by Hooser and his “18 tons of RUPS” quotes that really distort the facts, which is just over half that amount and little over the size of Obama’s Presidential limousine’s weight.

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.15.02

Then there is this letter to the editor of the Maui Weekly by a Deborah May from Makawao.

Screenshot 2014-01-26 20.18.40

This gem obviously shows her chemophobia, which is a common occurrence among the A’ole mob and shows their lack of science understanding.  Little does she know that her own plants that she grows likely have chemicals in it and so does the manure that she uses.

Then there is the SHAKA Movement going on also.  Just read who they are and what they are planning on doing.

Update on Mystic Island Festival & Shaka MovementAloha Friends,Happy New Year to everyone.We want to thank all of you for being the magnificent beings that you are. We are so thankful to live on Maui with you and to have the great good fortune to know you.As we move into 2014, we would like to connect with our Ohana and share an update on our vision and activities.
Mystic Island Festival from Jan 30 – Feb 2, 2014

In the past years, we, Bruce and Satya, co-produced the festival and supported it in many ways with our guiding support as well as practical and material contributions.

As we examined where our energy is of best service to the community, we decided not to be affiliated and involved with the Mystic Island Festival.
SHAKA Movement

This year we are very excited about combining community building with a higher purpose. We see that our health and the health of our children and future generations are at greater risk than ever before in our lifetime with GMOs being one of the major issues. We have the chance at this time to come together as community to make an unprecedented difference. The focus is to get a moratorium to stop all cultivating, testing and growing of GMOs in the County of Maui on the ballot for the November 2014 election. For that we first need to collect 8500 qualified registered voters’ signatures.

SHAKA Movement stands for SustainableHawaiian Agriculture for the Keiki and the Aina. It is a movement by the people for the people. The Shaka Movement provides a platform for us to tackle the many issues by uniting and focusing on one issue at a time. It is dedicated to protecting, respecting and nurturing our Mother Earth and all her creatures for many generations to come. It supports sustainable solutions promoting organic, bio dynamic and permaculture ways of farming that value and enhance the natural abundance of nature. The movement unites us around the core values of respect, love and peaceful co-existence.

On Kauai a moratorium was recently proposed to the City Council, but got thrown out and only the chemicals used on the GMO crops have to be disclosed which obviously doesn’t resolve any of the health issues by itself. Here is a link of an 18 minute long heart breaking video featuring recent testimonies high lighting the GMO situation on Kauai and Molokai.

Currently George Kimbrell, the senior lawyer of the Center of Food Safety and his team are finalizing the ordinance for the Shaka Movement. By choosing a citizen’s initiative we are taking a different approach for Maui County that has never been tried before, which puts the decision in the hands of the people. That way we are not relying on the City Council to agree to the moratorium that puts a stop to GMO testing, cultivating and growing until their safety can be proven. Instead the voice of the people will be the decisive factor at the November 2014 election.

Now it is crucial that we all get well informed about GMOs and the direct threat they pose to our health. What is happening in Maui is not ordinary GMO crop cultivation, but the growing of genetically engineered seed and test crops. Recently the biotech chemical companies on Kauai have had to disclose that for their GMO seed and test crops the soils are being sterilized and sprayed with more than 50 pesticides of which over 20 are restricted use pesticides. They end up forming a multitude of chemical cocktails that have not been tested for safety and have been poisoning and will continue to poison our soils, air, ground water, reefs and ocean until we do something about it.

Here are a few more facts about GMOs:

Monsanto grows 80 percent of its draught and aluminum resistant corn seed for the world in Maui County. These are patented terminator seeds that will create dependence of farmers on Monsanto and can cross-pollinate and thereby contaminate the natural corn worldwide. There is evidence that through horizontal gene transfer GMO genes can travel from one life form to another and change the DNA of other plants, animals and even humans.

We can’t let this happen any longer while we stand aside and look.

What can we do?

Key at this time is to become a member at website, which will be our communication platform for all the latest news.

Go to the website for amazing documentaries that you will find on the video page, because we need to educate ourselves and those around us with hard facts.

It will take a few more weeks to get the ordinance ready. In the meantime let us know on the website how you are interested in participating by filling in the activation sheet online. Join one or more of the 12 action sectors and we will be inviting you to meetings and you will receive updates about your area of interest.

You can make a huge difference, even by dedicating only 15 minutes a day, using the coconut wireless and social media to spread the word about the initiative and by encouraging others to join the movement online and get informed about the facts on GMOs. Reach out to old friends and meet new friends!

Lets explore and co-create a life affirmative way of being and living together. We are looking forward to working together with you and creating an example for that in the world!

     With Love and Aloha,

     Satya & Bruce Douglas

More mainland money and voices trying to overrun the ag communities here in Hawaii.  What’s with these non-locals suddenly trying to tell local folks what to do?  Local folks have roots in coexistence and respect as well as working together.  These folks are about being rude and pushing their way around but act as if they are speaking local with their newly learned language.  Even us locals don’t speak Hawaiian and act like these posers.

It is sad to know that even Elle Cochran, who is a local person and with plantation roots, has chosen to align with these activists.  Where’s your values learned from your family about respect and coexistence from plantation style days?  Are you aware of what your activist friends are doing to the long time farmers and plantation workers?

So begins the war created by non-locals part 3 on Maui.  If it gets ugly, you’ll definitely find it on here!

The Right to Farm Bill and The HATE COMES Out!

Well, the farmers just got some news that was good today.  Finally.  Interesting enough, there were some 36 legislators introducing the Hawaii Right to Farm Act.  This spells out bad news for the counties, who have gone rogue in creating their own laws.

Interesting enough was that the Chair of the Agriculture committee isn’t even on board with this law.  Does that mean Representative Wooley doesn’t support farmers?  Yup, that’s what it means.  She prefers to support her activists that do this kind of stuff.

If you wear red shirts and yell loudly, this is the pono way of doing things, “especially if you are not of the “Rubbah Slippah” folks.

How to get your laws passed in Hawaii. Yell!

Now that the A’oles know that there is a bill on the table, take a look at the comments coming out once again.  Here’s some of the commentary that was posted on the Big Island News Video post today.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 19.04.12 Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.26.39 Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.26.51 Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.45.02

Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.50.42

And it never fails that there is at least one agroterrorism comment.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 19.10.47

We shouldn’t be surprised to see where these A’oles come from to know why these comments are so ugly.  They ain’t no local folk that’s for sure!

Screenshot 2014-01-23 19.01.18

julie allen paul

Screenshot 2014-01-23 22.03.46

And our “crop stomper” is a believer in conspiracy theories…  Chemtrails.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 21.55.11

When you’re not from Hawaii, it’s pretty apparent that activism has to be full of hate, cursing, and threats.  More reason why legislators should not listen to these people’s demands.

Malama the A’ina, Pono Preachers: They aren’t the Rubbah Slippah Folks

After seeing numerous hate comments and nastiness among the A’ole crowd, I started asking myself as to why these folks seem to not embody the local style spirit?  Do these folks, who are demonizing farmers across our state, have any roots to plantation style culture?  To me, they do not speak or act with the rubbah slippah folks, a term coined by Richard Ha.  Let’s see who these folks really are…

Nomi Carmona of the Babes Against Biotech: Ms. No Aloha #1 from Corona, California

The leader of the Babes Against Biotech is Nomi Carmona.  She loves to speak in her Hawaiian phrases and such and says how she wants to protect the aina.  Lo and behold, her home aina is not Hawaii!  Maybe her name needs to be Nomi California!

Nomi Nomi1

Jessica Mitchell aka Senator Nishihara’s “Go Back to Japan” Girl and Babes Against Biotech from Sacramento, California

Another notorious BAB is Jessica Mitchell, who made her name known across the land as the “Go Back to Japan” message to Senator Nishihara.  What would happen if someone left her a message, “Go back to California!”

Screenshot 2014-01-16 20.33.42

Representative Jessica Wooley “I want a label” legislator and I Love BABs from Scottsdale, Arizona

She has her roots in the local plantation style ways because she was born and raised on the plantations of Arizona and schooled in California.

Screenshot 2014-01-16 20.34.31

Earthjustice Attorney Paul Achitoff “GMOs are being shoved down our throats” lawyer not from Hawaii

He speaks for the local people every since he landed in Hawaii in 1990.  Definitely has his roots in local ways and ancestors from the plantations.  He’s protecting farmers too? Really?

Screenshot 2014-01-16 20.40.28

Jeri Di Pietro of Hawaii SEED from California

Screenshot 2014-01-16 19.14.14

Meet More Local Voices who Spread Hate Love To our Farmers

Here’s just a small picking of the members of the GMO Free groups in Hawaii that are on the social media.  Take a good look as to where they are from and it isn’t from our plantations.

Celeste Harvel aka “Chop Down your GMO papayas” Morro Bay, California

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.12.02

Robert Bueller the “Ask Hooser A Question Plant” on Olelo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.20.26

Jack Adam Weber aka “Civil Beat A’ole 10-4” from Middletown, Connecticut

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.26.55

Patrick Coan of Lompoc, California

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.30.12

Terrillyn West aka “Eat your GMO poisons no local would ever say that” lady

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.25.57

Tek Nickerson aka “Banned from a Hawaii Biotech Page” from Cos Cob, Connecticut

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.23.03

Maggie Sergio aka “Huffpo We’re Being Poisoned Writer” from New York

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.33.30

Maya Wanczyk aka “Banned from Hawaii Biotech Pages” from Treasure Island, Florida

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.35.21

Felicia Alongi Cowden aka A’ole GMO Radio Broadcaster from Prescott, Arizona


James Trujillo from Santa Clara, California


Kalalau Red aka “New Native” from Hopatacong, New Jersey


Carolyn Fay Spector aka Dr. James Brewbaker Wanted Poster Chic from San Diego, California


Mitsuko Hayakawa aka A’ole GMO Moms Club Ringleader from Los Angeles, California


Kerri Petterson Marks aka GMO Free Kauai Club from Iowa City, Iowa


Leeona Thompson aka Dylan Hooser’s Girlfriend From Texas

Leeona T

Megan Fox Pittsley aka Disparage a Small Farmer’s Yelp Page Chic from Middleboro, Massachusetts


Sarah Chi Smith aka “Banned from Pro Biotech Pages” from Wellesley, Massachusetts


Karen Chun aka Civil Beat Cut and Paste GMO Expert from Stanford, California


Sara Jo Thompson Irons aka “I hope you and Chuck have children with birth defects” from Fayetteville, Tennessee


Christi A’ole GMO Demuth aka “Drink Your RoundUp” mother from California

Screenshot 2014-01-16 19.13.11

Robert Zelkovsky aka “I’ve been Banned from Pro GMO Hawaii fame” from New York

Screenshot 2014-01-16 22.16.48

Take a look at more “local” faces from the Kauai Midweek…  Where’s the descendants from the plantation workers???


Now that you’ve seen the faces and where they are from, look at what they have said publicly to others across the social media…

jeridipietro erikamorningstar  Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.29.48 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.34.45 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.35.03 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.35.10 ahoyer1 arialiar Erika Morningstar JP KC1 KM michaeljarnold momik ridings sarajoth schneider Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 11.58.22 PM rolando sanchez nutjobjacob marina larrymoore craigdavies erichagy frankgarcia Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.23.09 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.22.45 Screenshot 2014-01-14 22.04.20 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.22.01 mayoral hate dustin barca Celestial donna french scott baylock malia kenny vasallo brent norris michael arnolda mayor threat quinnmontana hate solk2 solk1 sarahjo lindamasterson m brian he dwight no aloha nomi calendar Sarah13 sarah12

The vile comments seen here make it very obvious and clear that these people are not the rubbah slippah folks.  They can easily speak the lingo of malama the a’ina, and pono, but you can’t find a shred of it in what they say or do to farmers and others.  These people never knew what “small kid time” meant or what it means to be local.  They do not share the plantation style values of respect and coexistence that was taught back in those days.  This is a well bankrolled campaign paid for by lots of mainland monies to spread mainland values and destroy local ways.

They are not the local voices that should be heard.  Time to hear out the real local folks that know how to act and speak the true pono way…  The farmers!

Andy Parx Proud of His Associations

Andy Parx who blogged about an email he came upon, thinks he hit the goldmine that there’s a collusion among folks.  Yes, you are right Andy, people are starting to stand together against the A’oles.  Let’s take a look at the names he’s listed that he’s so proud about:

Chris Manfredi, Jason Moniz, Lorie Farrell, Janet Ashman, Brian Miyamoto, Alex Franco, Chris English, Alan Takemoto, Laurie Ho, Eric Tanouye, Eric Weinert, Ross Sibucao and Michael Madamba

If you look at that list, they are all folks who have had long time association with agriculture and most are even farmers and ranchers.  Logic tells you that if you’re way of living is being attacked by someone, you are going to get together to speak up.  Duh, Andy!

Well, let’s take a closer look at Andy’s associations and what they have said about farmers on the social media.

nomi calendar

Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.34.45

dwight no aloha m brian he lindamasterson sarahjo solk1 solk2 hate quinnmontana mayor threat michael arnolda brent norris malia kenny vasallo scott baylock donna french Celestial dustin barca mayoral hate Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.22.01 Screenshot 2014-01-14 22.04.20 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.22.45 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.23.09 frankgarcia erichagy craigdavies larrymoore marina nutjobjacob rolando sanchez Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 11.58.22 PM schneider sarajoth ridings momik michaeljarnold KM KC1 JP Erika Morningstar arialiar ahoyer1 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.35.10 Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.35.03  Screenshot 2014-01-15 16.29.48

The amount of ill will and hate is not surprising in a population that has been bombarded by political opportunists in our state.  The amazing thing about Andy is that he actually recognizes this issue.


Can Andy stand proud of his associations?

Bulliettes Against Biotech: Attack a Scientist

The term “babe” should refer to innocent children, untouched by the world, and ready to discover it for themselves.  The A’ole group called the Babes Against Biotech is a complete misnomer for one of the vilest group of folks found in our islands.  A’ole legislators love these nasty women and their following and throw out accusations of being bullied.  Really? Just read what happens if you’re a young scientist who decides to speak up for your profession.




Sarah2 Saraj3  Sarah5 Sarah6 Sarah7 Sarah8 sarah9 sarah10 sarah12 Sarah11 Sarah13

There needs to be a renaming of the Babes Against Biotech with their unaloha ways.  Bulliettes Against Biotech.  Who’s the bully here?

How to Get Into Higher Office in Hawaii

When you know that your elected seat might be in danger, what is the best strategy?  Who appears to be the loudest and largest block of voters?

Screenshot 2014-01-12 22.49.29

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 8.36.02 PM

The polls appear to be in their favor much of the time.  However when you find out the fact that many of these have been compromised, you have to think twice.

garyhooser cheats poll

Monkey see, monkey do and it’s about winning at any cost.  That’s the kind of leader we have in Hawaii.  It’s obvious who and what calls the shots here.  It’s not the brains but something else…