You Wrote It, We Post It. Don’t Like It, Don’t Post It! Get it?

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This was received yesterday from an A’ole GMO commenter, Samuel Shaw.  Remember that these commentaries were posted by your fellow A’oles all over the social media.  Those same folks who made these statements are the ones demanding laws to be made.  The A’oles just despise this page! But you A’oles provided the material for it!  It was created by your own nasty social media posts!  People have been capturing and broadcasting your statements all over the place in order to back up our claim that there is no aloha from the activists.  And it’s not about dividing the community, it’s about exposing the very comments that ARE dividing the community.  Let the Mayor work with the state and federal government to deal with the issue as he should uphold the laws that he took an oath of office for.  Just because there are no arrests doesn’t make it right to even make such threats to begin with.  That is his job to follow through on his oath, not throw it aside like Hooser and Bynum are doing.

If you don’t like reading what you see here, stop posting that kind of stuff to begin with.  Should anyone really be listening to activists who do this?  If you don’t like what you’re reading on here, then stop being the source of it.

Samuel Shaw did want me to also post this.  So much aloha that they can’t figure out what it really is anymore.  Personal attacks against people are all they can resort to and organizations that allow this kind of stuff to happen are also kind of sad.  Rudeness and disrespect rule here in Hawaii and if you speak up against it or even expose it, you get attacked for doing so.  Let’s not forget that this guy was giving discounts for tattoos to people who showed that they signed the petition against Chuck.  What does that say?


Get it? Likely not.  Please go up and read the title again, that may help.  Be accountable for what you say, no matter where you are.

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A Hawaii farmer's daughter born and raised here. Grew up on a farm, witness to the wonders of science and research, and sharing a bit about farm life and speaking up for agriculture in our islands.

3 thoughts on “You Wrote It, We Post It. Don’t Like It, Don’t Post It! Get it?

  1. Yes, such aloha. These people wouldn’t know aloha if it was staring them in the face. Not sure what I did that was “fraud,” but I am not shaken by the opinion of a tattoo artist who writes at the third grade level. It does make you wonder why he keeps focusing on me, though. I know I’m good looking, but he’s being a little creepy…. P.S. – Kollar didn’t ask me to remove myself “off the Rotary,” I resigned from the Rotary Club of Kauai so I can speak freely without worrying about my club being attacked by these radicals again. “Off the Rotary.” LOLZ

    1. I’m still trying to find where the propaganda is. Is it in their comments collected? The folks posting on your feed are amazing who try to convince you of their side and when you disagree, they call it an insult. It’s like getting kicked in the head once by a cow and then coming back for more knowing you’ll still get kicked in the head. These folks are always the victims in their own mind.

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