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The Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition is an interesting Facebook page full of A’ole GMO websites, scare mongering memes, Evict Monsanto stuff, and posts from some very lovely people indeed.  They also are quite conflicted as to whether they want a full ban on GMOs or just labeling.  Same goes for most of these groups with schizophrenic tendencies.  This page also uses its cover to post some very nice comments to farmers.

Here are a few gems from this group:




Some commenters even get concerned about what some of their other fellow A’oles post…


Their is also a noticeable pattern of posting nasty hateful comments that by design are meant to get their supporters worked up and also in the mode of communicating not only hateful messages, but outright condoning of vandalism and violence.




It is amazing how pages like this have such vile, hateful commentary and then always end it with truth, love, peace, and unity!  Along with poison?!

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 2.27.08 PM

This group is also against Kamehameha Schools and their leases to Monsanto.  Their message is always Evict Monsanto and they even have shirts and caps that advertise their message.  Does this mean that they are anti-Hawaiian?  Do they not want Hawaiians to benefit from the lease land revenue?  We presume so as they are hell bent on getting after Kamehameha Schools.  Maybe a name change is due for this group…  The A’ole Kamehameha Schools Justice Coalition.  That’s the A’ole way for sure!


The Babes Against Biotech Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

When you think of a congresswoman, wouldn’t you think of someone who is well educated, level headed, and can think on her own two feet about the issues?  Well, I used to think that of these elected officials, but my mind has changed.  I’ve come to realize that some of our congress people are only willing to listen the loudest of the bunch and probably are part of the activist groups that continue to spread A’ole Aloha in Hawaii to further divide communities.

How we know that Ms. Gabbard is part of the Honeys as I call them is based on things I have seen her posting on their Facebook page back several months ago.  She clearly wears Monsanto glasses like so many others that have the same infliction.

BAB Gabbard link

She has also aligned with other A’ole GMO pro label congress people and continues to spread the word about this perceived evil of Monsanto.  Forget the fact that Monsanto is not the only biotech company that sells seeds.

Babgabbard monsantoprot

You know that she is against technology when she responds to the Babes Against Biotech’s post accusing Truth About Trade and Technology of propaganda.

Gabbard and babs

Not only does she continually harp on Monsanto in the social media but she even sends out emails professing her intentions against the popular target of the A’ole GMO club:

monsanto gabbard

Why is she so hell bent on bashing Monsanto and so anti-technology?  You know the term follow the money, well let’s see…

Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 2.59.33 PM

Note that Down to Earth and Noni Connection are on the top of the contributors list and are tied to the organic industry.  She and her father also started a non-profit, Healthy Hawaii Coalition where they also push for their environmentally friendly messages and go organic campaign.  Note that this campaign was even funded by taxpayer dollars at $25K without any bidding.  Taxpayer’s dollars are being used for A’ole GMO activism!

Being concerned about the many farmer constituents in her district, I decided to go on the social media and voice my opinion of her stance and actions as well as call her out for only taking one side on the issue.  The farmers and ranchers that use biotechnology in their work need to be heard.

gabbard invite to farm

I indeed emailed her and her team nearly 3 months ago with not a single response back.  So we can guess that she is not supporting all farmers, including those who use bio-technology, which is sad.  She acknowledged that she went to the A’ole GMO Seed Exchange and to ONE Maui farm, but that was it.  She is also sponsoring a label for GMO foods but neither acknowledges a request for education along with it.  The lack of a response and her correspondence with farmers and her alliances with activists only tell us one thing.  This is the kind of leader she is:

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 11.13.39 PM

She is yet another opportunistic politician guilty of not researching her evidence and continually creating divisiveness and a lack of aloha in our communities.  I would be way more impressed if she took just a few minutes to listen to the farmers but unfortunately she values the voices of these people instead:

(Notice how this video wants a ban on GMOs yet later these same people will state that they want a label.  Just like Tulsi wanting a label, but more likely disguised as a ban.)

(Note how Tulsi’s friends protest fields being poison and wear masks.  If it is so poisonous, why are you wearing tank tops and shorts?)

Amazing the alliances Congresswoman Gabbard has made!

The Babes Against Biotech Honeys


First of all, we’d like to present a definition of “babe” and “scientist.”  We can’t understand why anyone would trust a babe for their knowledge about GMOs in the first place but that’s another post.

These newly formed environmental activists are some of the most A’ole aloha folks on our islands now.  Their page shows links to Natural News, Collective Evolution, Raw for Beauty, Mercola, and so on.  This is typical for anti-GMO activists as sources for their information, negative scare propaganda which has zero evidence and half truths galore.

sustainable pulse babs

Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 1.16.43 AM

They will warn members of “propaganda” sites too!  (We can’t understand how an organization that supports trade and technology is propaganda but that is another story.)  And I am sad to report, that our congress person, Tulsi Gabbard, is also a BAB supporter.

Gabbard and babsgabbardcourageous

What is disturbing about these honeys is that they have resorted to attacking farmers and anyone who supports biotech.  Just this past legislative session they had a screaming match against farmer and Farm Bureau President Dean Okimoto, during the Ag Day at the Legislature, when the activist’s claims were faltering against another farmer who has no business whatsoever to farming or growing GMO’s, after Dean stepped in to defend her.  Let’s not forget that one of them left nasty phone messages to legislator Clarence Nishihara to “go back to Japan.”  They “support” agriculture in Hawaii by passing out their propaganda at farmer’s markets, which were actually started up by Mr. Okimoto, the same farmer they screamed at.

babs farmers

They then had to defend themselves after those incidents which had led to a news article coming out exposing these behaviors.

bab threat

Here’s what you get if you fail to meet their demands:

nishihara target

There’s plenty more legislators’ photos as well as photos of lobbyists which they use to direct their followers to as bullying targets.  They have also posted many public figures’ personal information and addresses online.  Hmm…  Target practice possibly for some of their deranged followers?

If the tables turn on them however, and they are chided the same way they do to their targets, these babes will cry foul.  Just recently a parody page came up called the Boobs Against Biology on Facebook.

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 11.47.52 PM

Within a few days, of it being up, of course the A’oles managed to shut it down for several hours.  It wasn’t completely taken down, just temporarily.  Go check it out and see the comments for a good laugh.

Sometimes they get their club members so riled up that they will cuss some of the leaders out.  That’s when these honeys have to remind them of what it means to have aloha.


They fear poison,  but the promote brain poison on their page for sure.  They even use Roseanne Barr as a meme to to promote crop destruction:

babs crop destruction

And these honey’s can’t get over the fact that someone young and pretty could EVER support biotechnology and posted this on their page!  Doesn’t this remind you of high school when girls were jealous of each other and picked on the one who stood out?!  Note that these honeys also can’t spell.  What’s agriscience?


Best of all, they still continue to collect threats from their fan club:

bullets and babs

This is A’ole GMO means A’ole Aloha at its best.  We can’t make this stuff up, they did it themselves.  It’s no joke, seriously, people really think like this.  Do you see anything wrong with this picture? We hope so, if not, you must be part of the honeys.

***Comments are moderated here.  If you are trying to make an apology about what you have done, it doesn’t come out sounding very sincere when you continually blame the other party for the incident and refuse to acknowledge your part played in instigating it.  That is not sincere.  Nor is it sincere to say that the other side is guilty of crossing the line and not having aloha.  Remember, these comments came from you folks and show us quite clearly where there is NO aloha. ***

The Legend of the A’ole GMO

Many years ago, a very special group of people became the chosen ones, or so they were told.  They were sought out to protect mother nature and save the earth.  They did so by watching many a movie on the internet and were told to spread the word across the world and beyond.  They willingly did so without question…



Not only were they chosen to watch movies, but they were shown the truth about these evils surrounding us through many scary pictures and memes plastered all over the social media!

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 12.57.19 AM   Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 7.16.37 AM Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 7.16.57 AMscaremongering Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 6.02.02 PMScreen shot 2013-06-29 at 6.01.33 PM

The flood of these pictures and the stories they told made people afraid for their lives for they really believed they were in danger of being poisoned by evil.  They became angry.  Some even started saying things like this…

bretbad Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 6.36.20 PM  BHBmonsanto momi67 tw2 tw

Some A’oles became keenly knowledgeable from reading something on the internet and started to boast their expertise too…

bodyfauna btracheldpdodo

demuth 4-2

However, some A’oles became really upset and used social media to express it (note there are too many to post!)…

manaai MV     fertilizer momi mfox ugly CL dcox BK

Some got so angered that they even said this…




The scientists tried to come to educate these people and reassure them they were not in danger, but they would not listen and instead responded  with:


But these A’oles claiming the Right to Know already knew what they wanted, so they formed a special bond.  That common bond of love, peace, hate, and poison and got together to do this…

marchers MAM

Seeing that there was an opportunity, some people decided to take action to help these angry and scared people.  Capitalizing on all of this bonding based on fear resulted in:

DTE GMO Free down to eart antis

Not only did these very clever marketers see $$, but leaders also saw opportunities in this whole affair…

bynum faker GMOfreehooser mike gabbard 1 BAB Gabbard link

wooley Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 10.58.51 PM Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 10.56.30 PM

All the while, the farmers who feed us and tend to the lands were being subjected to:

tropflowers express nalo nasty nalo yelp ha


kamiya farms ugl


babs farmers

As a result, we now have communities that look like this…

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 10.52.49 PM

Which was created by this…

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 11.13.39 PM

What we really need this the most is this at this time…

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 11.03.34 PM

Because this is what our communities need to be doing…

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 11.05.57 PM

A’ole GMO means A’ole Aloha was created to restore this special spirit to our islands by recognizing this issue.  All we want is this…


The Bold and the Brave A’oles

One thing that I find amazing with the A’ole GMO club is that they are quite brave to go out on the social media and actually post some of the things they do.  Not just the bad and threatening ones but ones that “try” to make them sound intelligent.  One should never try to sound intelligent because it will get picked apart by a more educated person and then get the commenter all up in arms about it.  For the folks who are what A’oles call the “sheeple,” or the ones who don’t really care about the issue, or other A’oles who can’t tell an atom from an electron, these posts are just amazing to me.  They just reflect the education level of these folks.

Here’s a great example of a tweet from an article about the anti-GMO Bill 79 story:

akamai romano

This commenter obviously has no clue that not only synthetic pesticides can kill people, but so can organic pesticides.  She can’t even get the term correct about our intestinal system (body fauna?!).  I think she might be referring to something such as:

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 5.39.20 PM

Another entertaining tweet to the educated but terrifying to the misinformed would be something like this mother’s one.


If this mom actually understood the differences in the types of genetic engineering being used for papaya and corn, she would realize how ridiculously false her claim is.   Bt is needed in corn because of a the corn borer worm that is the pest.  Papaya is engineered to resist a virus.  To state that papaya has Bt toxin is ludicrous.  Why would a corn borer be on a papaya?!  A’oles are quick to boast their findings and show their expertise.  Not!

So these quite intelligent folks are the very ones screaming for the GMO label and their “Right to Know,” but really, do they know anything at all?

Farmers Speaking Up for Ag Become Targets

Social media gives us lots of opportunities to voice our opinions.  But if you are a farmer who voices your support for biotechnology or agricultural science, you can expect the A’oles to come out roaring.

There’s so many problems with this issue.  I find it rather sad to see that people can stoop down to this level towards our farmers here in Hawaii.  Here are some examples of what activists do to farmer’s on their Yelp pages:

nalo yelp

Here’s yet another post on an article a farmer commented on that two folks decided to openly state their pleasure with.


What kind of environment have we created with these kinds of bills being proposed by our leaders? Where’s the aloha spirit towards differing opinions?  There are none because anyone who speaks up in support of the actual scientific evidence becomes a target.

The Fracturing of Our Communities

There is a lot of ugliness right now happening on our islands.  It started back in 2012 when legislation was introduced to label GMOs, which started a social media mass of anti-GMO activism.  From screaming matches with farmers to hateful voicemails towards legislators, it got very nasty.  That law did not make it through however the frenzy of anti-GMO activism got fired up yet again with bills on the Big Island and Kauai being introduced within these past few months.

In response to the surge of anti-GMO activism in Hawaii, the pro-biotech supporters came up with a page to help temper the fears created by these bills.  Those pages sat quietly while people were respectful and putting comments here and there.  However, once the anti-GMO club found these pages, that all ended.

Here’s a little taste of what the moderator of the page got to see once the A’oles found it…  By the way, there are hundreds more of these kinds of comments on the social media made by these people adding more fuel to the fire and spreading so much hate towards the agricultural industry here in Hawaii.


Here’s yet another gem from the same page:


We can pretend that these kind of people don’t exist in Hawaii or we can recognize that these folks are the radicals that have everyone’s attention.  There is no compromising with ideology-based radicals who refuse to be reasonable.  Once fear has set in, it leads to irrational behaviors.  This kind of activism should not be used to make laws.  The loudest voices do not dictate law, the reasonable ones do.  Hence the reason why A’ole GMO means A’ole Aloha was born to show the side of the people demanding these laws.

Of course the activists have over taken the social media to try to squelch this exposure.  However, we will continue to show what is wrong with listening to the demands of these kinds of activists.  It is the main reason why our communities are fractured.  This is not local style at all and can’t be continued.