The Bold and the Brave A’oles

One thing that I find amazing with the A’ole GMO club is that they are quite brave to go out on the social media and actually post some of the things they do.  Not just the bad and threatening ones but ones that “try” to make them sound intelligent.  One should never try to sound intelligent because it will get picked apart by a more educated person and then get the commenter all up in arms about it.  For the folks who are what A’oles call the “sheeple,” or the ones who don’t really care about the issue, or other A’oles who can’t tell an atom from an electron, these posts are just amazing to me.  They just reflect the education level of these folks.

Here’s a great example of a tweet from an article about the anti-GMO Bill 79 story:

akamai romano

This commenter obviously has no clue that not only synthetic pesticides can kill people, but so can organic pesticides.  She can’t even get the term correct about our intestinal system (body fauna?!).  I think she might be referring to something such as:

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 5.39.20 PM

Another entertaining tweet to the educated but terrifying to the misinformed would be something like this mother’s one.


If this mom actually understood the differences in the types of genetic engineering being used for papaya and corn, she would realize how ridiculously false her claim is.   Bt is needed in corn because of a the corn borer worm that is the pest.  Papaya is engineered to resist a virus.  To state that papaya has Bt toxin is ludicrous.  Why would a corn borer be on a papaya?!  A’oles are quick to boast their findings and show their expertise.  Not!

So these quite intelligent folks are the very ones screaming for the GMO label and their “Right to Know,” but really, do they know anything at all?

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A Hawaii farmer's daughter born and raised here. Grew up on a farm, witness to the wonders of science and research, and sharing a bit about farm life and speaking up for agriculture in our islands.

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