The Fracturing of Our Communities

There is a lot of ugliness right now happening on our islands.  It started back in 2012 when legislation was introduced to label GMOs, which started a social media mass of anti-GMO activism.  From screaming matches with farmers to hateful voicemails towards legislators, it got very nasty.  That law did not make it through however the frenzy of anti-GMO activism got fired up yet again with bills on the Big Island and Kauai being introduced within these past few months.

In response to the surge of anti-GMO activism in Hawaii, the pro-biotech supporters came up with a page to help temper the fears created by these bills.  Those pages sat quietly while people were respectful and putting comments here and there.  However, once the anti-GMO club found these pages, that all ended.

Here’s a little taste of what the moderator of the page got to see once the A’oles found it…  By the way, there are hundreds more of these kinds of comments on the social media made by these people adding more fuel to the fire and spreading so much hate towards the agricultural industry here in Hawaii.


Here’s yet another gem from the same page:


We can pretend that these kind of people don’t exist in Hawaii or we can recognize that these folks are the radicals that have everyone’s attention.  There is no compromising with ideology-based radicals who refuse to be reasonable.  Once fear has set in, it leads to irrational behaviors.  This kind of activism should not be used to make laws.  The loudest voices do not dictate law, the reasonable ones do.  Hence the reason why A’ole GMO means A’ole Aloha was born to show the side of the people demanding these laws.

Of course the activists have over taken the social media to try to squelch this exposure.  However, we will continue to show what is wrong with listening to the demands of these kinds of activists.  It is the main reason why our communities are fractured.  This is not local style at all and can’t be continued.

Published by hawaiifarmersdaughter

A Hawaii farmer's daughter born and raised here. Grew up on a farm, witness to the wonders of science and research, and sharing a bit about farm life and speaking up for agriculture in our islands.

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