Bros Against Biotech Senator Mike Gabbard

Nearly a year ago, the labeling bill came into play during the legislative session.  In response to the hysteria going on and the impact that it would have on local farmers, I sent a letter to all of the Senators and Representatives.  I did not get replies from most of them but I did get some from the A’ole GMO ones.  One of them was Senator Mike Gabbard.  Here’s his response…

mike gabbard

If you click on his link of the “proof” of the dangers of GMOs, can you guess what you get? Sadly, I got the debunked Seralini study.

The emails went back and forth and it was learned that he is a tried and true A’ole GMO.  This even further acknowledges his radical stance on GMOs by the revelation that he follows the “RoundUp causes every single disease on earth” paper:

mike gabbard 1

Little does he know that the author, Stephanie Seneff is not a biologist, geneticist, or even a molecular biologist but a computer scientist in artificial intelligence.  Not only that but her so-called “paper” is published in the physical science journal Entropy along with her co-author Anthony Samsel, an environmental activist who is also a chemical engineer.  Does Mike Gabbard not see any problems with this?  If you simply do a Google search under “debunking Stephanie Seneff,” you’ll find out what’s wrong with her paper.  Notoriously, the biggest of their debunked claims was that of a retracted study by Dr. Andrew Wakefield,  listed as a reference.

If you would like to know even more about Mike Gabbard’s stance on commercial farming, just do a Google search of “Mike Gabbard Organic Industry.”  He’s been a long time A’ole GMO club member!  No wonder he wants a label!

mgabbard organic

He and his daughter, Tulsi, have also been active with the Hawaii Health Coalition that they founded and even received a $25K non-bid contract to spread their “healthy environmental messages” paid by taxpayers.

Mike and Tulsi Gabbard are staunchly anti-biotech as evidenced by their participation in the recent Community Plant and Seed Exchange.  Just take a look at who’s involved with this event:

antievent anti event2

One of the sponsors at the bottom of the flier, a cultural food activist, is just another A’ole aloha person, for we which I found this comment from him directed at farmers and an executive of the HCIA:


It’s amazing how these leaders portray the “organic is superior” and “we are about saving the environment and nature” and so on bit but continue to associate with the most A’ole aloha people around!

So as we can see Mike Gabbard is clearly an A’ole GMO club leader, and he supports the A’ole aloha folks who are so respectful and polite in how they express their views.

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